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The Power of Dance offers many dance styles to suit everybody. Read the descriptions below to find ones that suit you. Classes will run subject to enrolment numbers. Enrolments for 2024 are now open, contact us today!


Contemporary dance is a style of dance that began to develop in the middle of the 20th Century. This popular ever-evolving style can encompass many techniques today. In this class students will learn both modern and post-modern contemporary dance techniques including release technique, flying low, Graeme and Cunningham techniques.​












Contemporary Dance Pose


Jazz is a technical and high energy dance style that has many commercial applications. In this class students will learn technical skills as well as traditional and modern stylisation. Students will learn steps and exercises as well as jazz dance routines.

Jazz Dance Pose


Lyrical Dance uses classical ballet, jazz, acrobatic and contemporary techniques to create dance that is very expressive and music driven. In this class, students will learn technical exercises, expression and dance routines.

Lyrical Dance Pose


This class will focus on circus style skills, tumbling, as well as acrobatic skills often used in Jazz, Contemporary, Cheer and Street dance. It is great as a single discipline as well as a supplementary skill for other dance styles.

Acrobatics Tumbling Dance Pose


Belly dance is a dance style that developed in the middle-east. It is a fantastic style for women to express themselves, build confidence and feel empowered. This class is aimed at adult women and will encompass both technique training and learning routines.

Belly Final 1.png


Silks (or Tissu) is an aerial apparatus that involves long fabric suspended from a rig. In this class students will learn basic climbing skills, poses and sequences using this apparatus.


Ballet is one of the oldest formal dance techniques in the world. In this class students will learn technique based on the Russian, English and French methods of teaching. Students will learn barre and centre technique, as well as classical repertoire. Students will gain a strong theoretical and anatomical understanding of this style.

Ballet Dance Pose


Tap dance is an intricate and rhythmic dance style that satisfies both dance and musical minded students as it involves creating movement and sound simultaneously. In this class, students will learn technique, steps, progressions and rhythm skills.

Tap Dance Pose


Street dance encompasses styles and movements that were developed by freestyle dancers in a street (rather than formal) environment. Popular forms include hip hop and break dance. Many styles are included in this class and students will learn a variety of movements and choreography.

Street Dance Hip Hop Pose


Mix It Up is an adult dance class in which a variety of styles are explored in blocks throughout the year. At least three different styles of dance will be taught each year. The styles will be chosen through class discussion with the teacher.

Adult Dance Pose


Magic Movement is a program created and taught by The Power of Dance which teaches movement, song, dance, play, storytelling and developmental skills to very young children (aged 1 – 3 years) in an environment supported by a special adult in their life. This may be mum, dad, grandpa, aunty, friend (or any other adult), whom participates in the class along with the child. This class is a fun and nurturing environment designed to help children learn and grow and strengthen both their independence and their relationship with their adult. Dance and movement will be a main component of this class and participants are always encouraged to explore each activity and find a way to participate that suits the child’s mood and developmental level. Magic Movement students do not participate in performances and are not required to purchase any uniforms or dancing shoes. A separate enrolment form will need to be filled out for this class.


Ballroom is a beginner adult ballroom dance class incorporating both traditional ballroom styles and some more informal dance styles.  Classes will include a mix of technique used in dances such as the Foxtrot, Cha Cha and Waltz, as well as some more relaxed, ‘fun’ dances such as the Progressive Jive.  As ballroom requires ‘couples’ to dance, students must be prepared to dance in both male and female roles.  Several different styles will be explored throughout the year. No experience or partner necessary.

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