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Fees and Additional Information

Please contact The Power of Dance to receive the Information Pack Handbook which contains further and detailed information on policies and procedures.


Enrolments are preferred at the beginning of Term 1 each year in order for students to get the most out of their training. Classes progress throughout the year and it is most beneficial for students to complete the full year.

New enrolments are accepted all year until week 3 of Term 3. Enrolments are not accepted after this week as students and teachers need time to prepare for the end of year concert.

Trial classes for new students (or existing students trying a new style) are offered at 50% of the usual class fee, payable prior to the trial class. In periods of large new enrolments (such as at the beginning of terms and at the start of a new dance year), this fee may be payable at the time of booking to ensure the student has a place in the class.

For safety reasons, Parents/Guardians must complete an enrolment form before the student commences class (regardless of trial or enrolment).

At the end of each year, current students will be given priority to re-enrol in the next year, prior to enrolments being open to new students. Students can opt to pay the term in full at the time of re-enrolment, or pay a “holding fee” equivalent to 1 week’s tuition, to ensure a place in the class for the following year. This fee will be taken off the term 1 invoice if the student returns. This fee is non-refundable if the student then decides not to return the following year.


Classes are charged at a rate of:

60 minute classes are $19.80, per week, inclusive of GST.

30 minute classes are $12, per class, per week, inclusive of GST.

45 minute classes are $15.40, per class, per week, inclusive of GST.

Magic Movement classes cost $12 per class, per week, inclusive of GST.

Private Lessons are $33 per 30 minute lesson, or $55 per hour, inclusive of GST.

Pointe Class is charged at an additional $40 per term (invitation only).

Power Up is charged at $220 per term, inclusive of GST.

Intro to Silks is charged at $200 per 10 week term block, inclusive of GST.


Fees cover the significant costs involved in running classes including teacher wages, equipment, venue hire, music rights, insurance, utility bills, administration times, printing and class materials just to name a few. Due to this, missed classes will still need to be paid for and will not be credited to students.


Fees are charged on a Term by Term basis (10 weeks). Fees are due within 2 weeks of classes commencing each term. To ensure fee-paying students receive the attention they deserve, The Power of Dance has a No Pay No Play policy and students will not be permitted to participate in classes unless fees are paid. Payment plans can be negotiated, please see the appropriate section of the information pack. New students will be charged term fees pro-rata (i.e only for the remaining number of weeks of term from the date they join).

Please see the information pack for further information regarding payment of fees.

A 5% discount on class fees will be offered to families with more than one enrolled child. A 10% discount on class fees will be offered to students who enrol in two or more classes. Only one discount will be applied per family. Discounts are only available for students paying term fees upfront and in full and are not available to students paying via payment plan.


A costume and concert fee of $110 per class will be added to the Term 3 invoice to cover costumes, staff wages and venue hire for rehearsals and concerts. This fee is non-refundable if students withdraw from concert participation. Students can keep one designated costume item per class after the concert.

Students need to provide their own dance shoes and tights (also used in class) for the concert, as well as some basic items such as a singlet or leggings. Students must also supply their own makeup, hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray, hair brush etc. Lists will be provided to each student at the beginning of Term 4.

Students are also required to purchase uniforms for classes (see uniform section).



A concert showcase performance will be held at the end of Term 4. This is an opportunity for students to show family and friends the hard work they have put in over the year. Students will wear costumes and makeup for this ticketed event. Tickets will be on sale to family and friends at the beginning of Term 4. Concert tickets are limited by venue capacity and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

During the last week of Term 2, Mini Mid-Year Concerts will be held for parents. Entry to these Mini Concerts will be via donation and nibbles, tea/coffee will be available for a small price.

The last week of Term 1 and 3 will be open for parents to view classes and routines students have been working on. These open times will be the same as regular class times and parents, families and friends are welcome to watch.

All students in preschool classes and above will perform in the end-of-year concerts. Magic Movement and silks students do not perform. All students will participate in both concerts except for Preschool Students, whom will only perform in one. Preschool Jazz A and Ballet A will perform in the first concert. Preschool Ballet B and Jazz B will perform in the second concert. *Note that this policy is subject to change based on enrolment numbers, students may be required to perform in only one or in both concerts, this will be confirmed at the beginning of term 3, prior to the enrolment cut-off date*.

Use of Photo/Video Footage:

Photos and Videos may be taken by staff during classes and performances for various purposes. This can include, but is not limited to, promotion of the school (such as via Facebook or Website), as learning materials for students or teachers or for memorabilia. If a Parent/Guardian does not consent to their child’s images being taken and used, they need to discuss their needs with the studio director (Jenna Hann).

The concert will be videoed and available for purchase at the end of Term 4. Concert photos (class group posed photos in costume) will also be taken in Term 4 and provided at no cost to families via digital download.

Non-staff members (including parents and family members) are not to take any photos or videos of students without expressed permission from the studio director (Jenna Hann) and any other parties involved (e.g. parents of other students in the images).

Please see the information pack for more information.



Please arrive to all classes on time. To ensure our student’s safety, those students who miss the warm-up may not be permitted to participate in class. Warm-ups will always be performed in class time but older students (intermediate and senior students) are expected to arrive prior to class and begin their own warm-up.

Parents/Guardians are not permitted to watch classes and rehearsals with the exception of open days. This helps students build a relationship with their teacher, gain independence and confidence as well as be able to surprise their loved ones on open and concert days. Parents may be permitted in Preschool classes under special circumstances, but this needs to be discussed with the class teacher. Students with special needs may have a parent/carer present as needed. Students who cannot confidently use the toilet independently will need to have a parent/guardian in the waiting room at all times.

Students and parents are expected to be respectful to teachers and each other at all times.


Anti-Bullying, Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy:

The Power of Dance is an inclusive dance school and does not tolerate bullying or discrimination in any form. Students will be warned once and then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. This could include being sat out of classes, having certain privileges removed or in extreme cases, asked to leave the school. Refunds will not be given in this instance. Any action taken will be discussed with parents/guardians.

Staff and Volunteers must be spoken to in a calm, appropriate and respectful matter at all times. Any complaints need to be directed to the Studio Director in writing, as per our complaints policy.


Code of Ethics/Conduct:

The Power of Dance has a Student Code of Conduct, Parents/Carers/Others Code of Conduct and a Teachers Code of Ethics. These are detailed under the appropriate section of the handbook and must be adhered to.


Child Safety:

The Power of Dance places the utmost importance on Child Safety. Parents/caregivers must enter the studio to drop-off and pick-up students. It is important to arrive on time for both the start and finish of classes to ensure adequate supervision can be given to students. If a parent/guardian is late to pick up the student, they must contact the school via text message. ‘Babysitting’ fees may apply to late pick-ups as our teachers need to be paid for their time. It is requested that parents/caregivers wait outside the studio space (in the waiting room or home) during class time. This is for many reasons including child safety and allowing the students to develop independence and confidence. Parents/Caregivers of students who cannot confidently use the toilet unassisted are required to stay in the building (waiting room) for the duration of class.

The studio waiting room is not attended by staff. Classes run back-to-back and teachers/staff are not responsible for students outside of their designated class time. Please ensure punctual pick up and drop off. Please see our Child Safety Policies and Procedures outlined in the handbook.

Staff and Volunteers


All staff and volunteers solicited by The Power of Dance must have adequate Working with Children Clearances/Checks. No parent/guardian/adult (other than performers) will be allowed backstage or into the changing rooms without a valid DCSI (or equivalent) child-related services screening/Working with Children’s check.

All dance teachers must have appropriate qualifications/experience in their field and must provide quality dance education in line with safe-dance practices.


Music Selection and Costuming

Care will be taken to select age appropriate music and costuming for classes and performances. This includes ensuring music does not contain explicit language or adult themes. Costuming will provide adequate coverage of the body and be age and style appropriate. Any concerns regarding music or costuming should be referred to the studio director, as stated in the complaints/disputes policy.




Safety Reminders:

  • Do not take any images or videos of any students, teachers, family members or volunteers at The Power of Dance without the permission of all involved parties (and their parents/guardians) and the studio director (Jenna Hann). Images/videos are also not to be shared or uploaded online without permission from all parties including the studio director.

  • Only females are allowed in the girl’s change-room. Boys please use the bathroom.

  • Be punctual to class and participate in the warm-ups.

  • No abusive or confrontational language to be used. Any concerns should be directed politely and privately to the studio director, preferably via email.

  • No-one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted on site. 000 will be called if suspected.

  • The Power of Dance is an inclusive dance school and does not tolerate bullying or discrimination in any form.

  • The studio director must be notified of any family court orders in place.

  • Please be punctual for pick up and drop off times as supervision of students cannot be given outside of their class times.

  • Be respectful of all persons and property at The Power of Dance. Do not climb on barres, acro mats, chairs etc. Use items only for their intended purposes under the supervision of the studio teacher. Parents/Guardians need to supervise siblings of students/children in their care at all times and ensure they are not disruptive or destructive.

  • Please ensure you have read the information pack, including the Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians and Code of Conduct for Students.



All complaints must be directed to the studio Director (Jenna Hann), preferably in writing. An email may be sent to administration, or a typed letter can be handed to the studio teacher. Please provide an email address for the response. A response will be issued in writing, via email, within 7 days. We will endeavour to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and aim to come to an agreement that is beneficial to both parties. If an agreement/resolution cannot be reached, a mediator or legal council may be sought by The Power of Dance.



Term fees, uniforms, costume/concert fees and other associated costs of participation at The Power of Dance will not be refunded for change of mind or if a student or family is in violation of studio policies. Refunds will only be issued in line with the Australian Consumer Law’s Completion and Consumer Regulations Act 2010 and must be approved/handled by the director (Jenna Hann).


Emergency Procedures

Please see the appropriate section in the handbook for detailed information.


Hot Weather Policy

Please ensure students bring a water bottle to all classes, regardless of weather. Classes will run regardless of hot weather. The lesson plan may be adapted to focus on the theoretical component of class and/or alternate dance-related activities may be provided.


Cancelation of Classes

Various events and emergencies may result in the cancelation of classes if it is unsafe to run them or an appropriate substitute teacher cannot be found. The studio director reserves the right to cancel classes. In this case, a make-up class or refund off the next term’s fee will be offered. This remains the decision of the studio director. Families will be notified via text message (and email where possible), as well as a sign being placed on the studio door where possible. Please make sure contact details are always kept up to date.



Costume Fee

A costume and concert fee of $110 per class will be added to the Term 3 invoice to cover costumes, staff wages, concert gift and venue hire for rehearsals and concerts. This fee will not be refunded if students withdraw from concert participation. Students can keep one designated costume item per class after the concert.

This fee is due by week 3, term 3 (August 11th). Costumes will not be ordered for students unless this fee is paid. Failure to pay this fee by the due date may result in the student not having a costume for the end-of-year concert and therefore be unable to participate in the concert. Families are more than welcome to pay off this fee at any point in the year prior to this due date. Please budget for this fee as The Power of Dance cannot delay costume ordering as costumes often are made to order and take months to arrive.


Payment Plans

Payment plans may be offered to students upon approval by the studio director. Please see information pack for terms and conditions.


Payment of term fees is preferred in full but payment plans can be requested.

For students paying term fees in full, payment is due within 2 weeks of new term commencement (or of enrolment). After this 2 week period, if fees are not paid, the fee payer must sign up for Payrix for the student to be able to continue with classes.

Cash or card payment can be made in studio for any fees or purchases (e.g. uniform) or payment can be made online via the Jackrabbit parent portal.


Upon enrolment, fee payers agree to pay all incurred debt by the due date. They understand that failure to do so will result in my outstanding invoices/amounts being referred to a debt collector (or other means such as SACAT or Court) for collection. All costs involved in recovering this debt including (but not limited to) commission, fees and legal expenses will be added to the debt and paid by the fee payer.


Each term will incur 10 weeks tuition charge. Term 1, 2 & 3 are 10 weeks. Term 4 is 9 weeks in length but the 10th week will be charged to help cover the concert rehearsal at the theatre.


Sports Vouchers

The Power of Dance is proud to be able to accept the South Australian Government Sports Vouchers. Primary school aged students are eligible for 1 x $100 voucher from the government per calendar year that goes towards sports fees. Please visit for details.


COVID-19 (and other similar situations) policy

The Power of Dance has policies and procedures in place, which will be enacted in the event of government-mandated closures or

restrictions, as experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By enrolling in The Power of Dance, you agree to the above terms, conditions and information.

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