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Please note the following important dates for 2024 (subject to change). Other events and further information will be given throughout the year as it becomes available.

Term 1 – February 5th – April 12th (10 Weeks) – 

  • Term 1 Event – Movie Night – April 6th  

  • Open Week April 8th – 12th 

Term 2 – 29th April – July 5th (10 Weeks)

  • Term 2 Event – Dress Up Week – June 3rd - 7th

  • Mid Year Mini Concerts July 1st - 5th

Term 3 - July 22th – September 27th (10 Weeks)

  • Concert/Costume Fee Due – August 9th

  • 2024 Enrolments Close - August 9th

  • Term 3 Event – Choreography Showcase/Competition – September 21st 

  • Open Week September 23rd – 27th 

  • Murray Bridge Show TBC

Term 4 – October 14th – December 13th (9 Weeks)

  • Make Up Tutorial – November 2nd  

  • Photo Week – November 11th – 15th 

  • Concert Rehearsal – November 24th

  • Murray Bridge Christmas Pageant TBC

  • End of Year Concert – November 29th & 30th (Note: 2 shows - morning and evening on 30th OR evening on 29th and 30th)

  • Term 4 Event – Disco & Games Night – 7th December


*events and dates may change or be cancelled at any time due to COVID restrictions (or similar circumstances). *Dates subject to change. Times will be provided to families closer to each event.

Photo Day

In Term 4 we will have a photo day where class group photos will be taken in full costume and make-up. These photos will be provided to families at no cost via digital download. Parents/Guardians are welcome to come into the studio to take individual photos of their student/s on their own device/camera during this time. This photo session will be during normal class time. Students will be required to come to class during the specified week in full stage hair and make-up as specified on the costume list handed out in Term 3. This is a good practice for students getting ready for the concert and is a great way to capture memories.


Concert Video

The End of Year concert will be filmed and can be purchased through the video order link sent out in Term 4. The Mid Year Mini Concert is not filmed but photos will be taken by the studio and posted on our Facebook page.


Open Day

There will be an Open Week at the end of Terms 1 and 3 in which parents/guardians are invited to watch classes. Students and families are also invited to watch other classes during these weeks to see if they might be interested in trying other dance styles. Term 2 does not have an open week as it is replaced by the mid-year concerts.


Public Holidays

In order to ensure all classes receive 10 weeks of training each term, classes will still run on public holidays.

Fundraisers and Social Events

We will be having 4 fundraisers/social events throughout 2024 to raise money for various causes/studio equipment. These are fun events that we encourage the whole community to participate in.

More information on these events will be given throughout the year as they get closer.

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