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What is it?

Magic Movement is a program created and taught by The Power of Dance which teaches movement, song, dance, play, storytelling and developmental skills to very young children (aged 1 – 3 years) in an environment supported by a special adult in their life. This may be mum, dad, grandpa, aunty, friend (or any other adult), whom participates in the class along with the child. This class is a fun and nurturing environment designed to help children learn and grow and strengthen both their independence and their relationship with their adult. Dance and movement will be a main component of this class and participants are always encouraged to explore each activity and find a way to participate that suits the child’s mood and developmental level. Magic Movement students do not participate in performances and are not required to purchase any uniforms or dancing shoes. A separate enrolment form will need to be filled out for this class.

What to expect?

Classes will begin with a hello/welcome to help children and their adult feel comfortable in the space. We will then do a variety of activities which may incorporate song, dance, play or storytelling to work towards a goal. The lesson may have a theme (such as a particular book or shapes, colours, emotions etc.) or may focus on a variety of movement skills (such as balance, co-ordination, gross motor skills etc.). We use explore the same theme for 5 week blocks and do a variety of activities in this time. We may sing songs, read and explore stories, complete obstacle courses, learn a simple dance, explore different types of music, use props and many more fun things. Classes are structured and guided but encourage students to express themselves and develop a sense of self.

What is my role?

Your role as the special adult is to participate in all aspects of the class and assist your child in finding ways to participate which are appropriate for them. You will be guided by the teacher in how to do this and are encouraged to ask if you are unsure. For example, some children may be able to jump unassisted, some may need to be holding your hand, some may step or bend their knees on the spot and some may be held in their adult’s arms whilst the adult jumps or bends. All of these ways to participate in this example allow the child to experience the sensation and develop the skills we are focused on in this activity but maintains developmental appropriateness. It is very important to be aware of your child’s needs at each session. One week they may be happy to complete a task independently and the next week they may need a large amount of support. It is your job to help support them and their changing needs.

These classes involve getting up and down off the floor, moving for periods of time and at times lifting your child. If you have any issues with any of these types of movements, please speak to the teacher prior to class or contact the school via phone or email. The Power of Dance is an inclusive school and activities and procedures can be adapted to suit special needs.

Please listen to the teacher, maintain focus, participate to your fully capacity and respect the other students in the class. If you or your child need a moment, please access the waiting room or bathroom discreetly and return when you are ready.

What does my child and myself wear? Do I need to bring anything?

Both the adult and child participant should come to classes dressed in comfortable, stretch clothing such as leggings and a t-shirt. Bare feet will be worn for the during of the class. Please bring a bottle of water to every class. There may be some weeks you will be asked to bring something along (such as a favourite toy or blanket) but you will be informed of this during the previous week’s class.


What is the difference between Magic Movement and Preschool Classes?

Magic Movement classes are offered from age 1 to 3 years. It is highly recommended that the child can walk (assisted or unassisted) but activities can be adapted if needed. An adult participates in the entire class alongside the child. Classes are movement/dance based but are not a dance class. We use many other components such as song and storytelling as well as age appropriate learning of things such as shape, colours, number etc. Magic Movement students do not need any special dance clothes or shoes and do not participate in performances.


Preschool classes are offered from age 2.5 years to 4 (or until the child attends school). They are a more structured dance class and are styled in either Jazz or Ballet dance. We still use a variety of props and games but students learn particular dance steps. Students in Preschool classes participate in the class independently whilst their adult waits in the waiting room. The studio door is always open and parents/guardians can hear and see the class from the waiting room. Preschool students require a uniform and dance shoes and participate in concerts and events held by The Power of Dance.


My child is 2.5 years old. Which class should my child do?

This is completely up to you and which format of class you think would suit your child best. If your child is able to follow simple instructions and cope without you in the room, they will be fine in the preschool classes. It is perfectly normal for a child to take 3 weeks to feel comfortable in a dance class and we support them through this period of time. If you feel your child needs more support, you would like to do the class with them or you don’t want to participate in concerts and performances, Magic Movement classes are likely more suitable. You can also start the year in Magic Movement classes and transition to Preschool classes when your child is ready. Enrolments are taken until Term 3, Week 3 each year. Please note however that a student will only be able to join a class if there is room for them. The Power of Dance caps class numbers for safety and to ensure every child receives the individual attention they deserve.

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